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This morning I realized I picked a ridiculous time to launch a business and publish a book that’s taken five years to write. Election year. Uncertain economy. Mayan calendar, blah, blah, blah. At a time when everyone seems to be waiting to “see what happens,” I’m sitting here tapping my fingers wondering what this waiting is all about.

My mornings usually start with industriously putting potentiality in motion and then waiting for responses….waiting for clients to provide input, waiting for proposals to be accepted (or rejected), waiting for the people I’ve sent advance copies of my book to say SOMETHING, ANYTHING, ANYBODY OUT THERE? But in that space this morning between creating and waiting, there was a odd moment where Samuel Beckett and his strange dark humor stepped in.  And then a Sesame Street parody. And suddenly all the waiting became a twist of perception, tolerable, necessary, even hilarious. Business (and life) according to Beckett (and Cookie Monster.) What the heck are we waiting for anyway? We’re already there.

“Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It’s awful.”  ~Beckett, Waiting for Godot

“That’s deep, deep stuff. Oh well, now for something that makes a lot more sense…ahhaha COOKIES!” ~Cookie Monster


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